La Decima vittima

Besides, how would we
shoot it there?

Look, look down there!
It's all full of holes!

Yes, yes. Maybe you're right.
It's too run down.
How are they going to fight?
The y're not a herd of sheep!

We have to find another place!
Wait a minute, look!
There, Caroline!

That's where you have to kill him!

We'll have the Colosseum in the
background and the space we need!

What is it called?
The temple of Venus!
I'll kill him here.

May I come in?
Who are you?
Don't be afraid.

It's us! Confiscation.
How are you Mr. Poletti?

Fine. Make yourself comfortable.
You could have notified me at least.
And so?
The bed stays with me by law.
You also have a right to a chair
and a table. Like the last time.

If you don't mind, take the TV last.
The television last, as you wish.
You are always hunting, right,
Mr. Poletti? I'am a fan of those hunts.

I know all about you, lucky you!
Washington. In America an explosive
cookie was launched...

What are you doing?
Executive confiscation.

Ah, let me help you then.
Marcello! Finally, we're done!
Let's change style!

Paris. The National
Association of Homosexuals...

...has finally removed
the veto from the Big Hunt...

Well, no!
No, not the comics!

Marcello, that's forbidden!
Come on, do something!

They can't take the comics!
We have nothing left to read!

Miss, this is a collection
of very high value!

Marcello, tell them!
Wait, let me help you.

I have a "Gordon of the
Empire of Auca from 35."

I know, I know... precisely!
Chu Tzè, third citizen
of our hemisphere...