La Decima vittima

You are always hunting, right,
Mr. Poletti? I'am a fan of those hunts.

I know all about you, lucky you!
Washington. In America an explosive
cookie was launched...

What are you doing?
Executive confiscation.

Ah, let me help you then.
Marcello! Finally, we're done!
Let's change style!

Paris. The National
Association of Homosexuals...

...has finally removed
the veto from the Big Hunt...

Well, no!
No, not the comics!

Marcello, that's forbidden!
Come on, do something!

They can't take the comics!
We have nothing left to read!

Miss, this is a collection
of very high value!

Marcello, tell them!
Wait, let me help you.

I have a "Gordon of the
Empire of Auca from 35."

I know, I know... precisely!
Chu Tzè, third citizen
of our hemisphere...

...who has completed the
ten victorious hunts...

Man, this hunt!
Shut up.

Good afternoon, dear Italian viewers.
I'm speaking to you from Hong Kong.

Today all of China
is celebrating its new hero:

...he will receive all the privileges
our society grants him...

...for his greatness, his courage...
...such as exemption from all taxes...
...state automobile...
:22:24 entrance to all the shows...
...and travel discounts.
Look, there he is,
passing through the crowd...

Chu Tzè, the decathlete, shielded by
a satin cover in the shape of the sun...

...symbolizing his glory...
Well, then we'll see you
at the next confiscation.

I am sorry about the comics, Mrs...
Well, happy hunting!
Hello? Neo-Gothic furniture
for five rooms.

And who pays for it?
You, with the next hunt.

And what if I die?
The insurance.