La Decima vittima

My name is Caroline Meredith.

Are you busy tonight?
I'll probably be dead tonight.
You are very brave to
expose yourself this way.

No, I just don't have enough
money to defend myself.

Well, since it's about saving your life,
I think...

Good luck!
Excuse me.
Stop, stop! You can't.
You can't... you can't shoot here.
You can't shoot in bars?
Please, sir.

Since when?
The first of the month.

We even put up a sign.
Look into it before going on a hunt!
I give you a one minute lead.
What kind of life this is...
You can't shoot in hospitals,
nor in restaurants.

You can't shoot in churches
nor at the barber's.

You can't shoot at nursery schools...
You can't shoot anywhere anymore!

Then end this hunt, I tell you!
Well, bye.
Good luck!
Thanks, same to you.

...but, once I saw one loaded
with a Colt 45.

In America there aren't many
restrictions for hunters.

Everyone can easily shoot wherever
and whenever he wants to.

America is something else.