La Decima vittima

Not the good hand!
There is no curare.
The good hand, of course.

Hello, Caroline?

We've lost him as well.
Maybe that's good.
We're not ready yet. Over.

This is a great example of
disorganization. Over.

Some disorganization
never hurts. Over.

Well, maybe it's due to
the Roman air. Over.

Something will happen. Over.
I hope so. Out.
I called all the hotels.
Two Mexicans went down
at the Excelsior.

The maid says they're unarmed.
Maybe they are refugees.
At the Ambasciatori hotel
about 20 Russians...

...from the cooperative societies
went to see the Pope.

Listen, I...
Why aren't they picking up
the corpses? Look at that.

I'll sleep at your house
for a few nights.

Did you fight with Olga?
No, but I want to end it.

I need to recover.
Give me an injection, come on!

Did you tell her about the annulment?
No, what are you thinking?
Let's go!

An American wants to interview
me at the temple. She'll pay.

What's her name?
Caroline Meredith.

She seems strange.
Do you know anything?
I know...
...she's staying at the Hilton
with a group of Americans.

They work for the news media.
They're unarmed.

Are you sure?
If I'm telling you, it means I know.