La Decima vittima

After a 48 hour hunt nothing
has happened, I'm nervous.

There are two possibilities:
...he's either on his way, or he's
here now, driving you crazy.

Do you have an armored vest?
Are you armed?
You feel too sorry for yourself.
You're reckless, remember
that the selection is cruel.

Only fifteen hunters
in the entire world...

...have made it through all ten hunts.
Marcello, wait!
You have to pay me.

You still have to pay me for
15 training sessions at the gym.

You have to give me the money!
Are you gonna pay?

Next time.
Ah, next time... if there is ever
going to be a next time!

Come on, touch the iron,
touch the iron.

Not the good hand!
There is no curare.
The good hand, of course.

Hello, Caroline?

We've lost him as well.
Maybe that's good.
We're not ready yet. Over.

This is a great example of
disorganization. Over.

Some disorganization
never hurts. Over.

Well, maybe it's due to
the Roman air. Over.

Something will happen. Over.
I hope so. Out.
I called all the hotels.