La Decima vittima

Our Father is leaving, we see
him die with our own eyes.

But we can't despair.
Our tears are purifying. They free us
from the anguish of every day...

...and while we're watching the
passing of this beloved friend...

...our brothers in California are
welcoming His birth in the morning.

Let's focus now.
The magical moment is
about to strike!

In ten...
Perverts! Go away!
We'll give you the sunset! Imbeciles!
Go home! We don't want you here!
We're sick of you!

Go! Go! Don't ever come back!
We'll make you cry!

No, brothers...
...don't be bothered by those
nasty neo-realists.

Cry, brothers! Cry!
Free yourself, free yourself!
What's up, are you crying?
Have you never seen a sunset?

Yes, as a child, but I had forgotten.
Brothers, sisters!
Thank you.
Now, go my brothers, go to the sea.
Purify yourselves!

Marcello, are you going for
a swim with us?

No, I can't tonight.
But I'm there with you in spirit.

Go, go.