La Decima vittima

Go! Go! Don't ever come back!
We'll make you cry!

No, brothers...
...don't be bothered by those
nasty neo-realists.

Cry, brothers! Cry!
Free yourself, free yourself!
What's up, are you crying?
Have you never seen a sunset?

Yes, as a child, but I had forgotten.
Brothers, sisters!
Thank you.
Now, go my brothers, go to the sea.
Purify yourselves!

Marcello, are you going for
a swim with us?

No, I can't tonight.
But I'm there with you in spirit.

Go, go.
I see you're crying, also.
Of course, I took two crying pills.
They last for at least 15 minutes.

You don't believe in what
you're saying, do you?

I have to believe in it.
I get 20% of the profits.

You should have seen what
happened at the inauguration.

Even the therapists checked it out.
The television, newspapers...

Those wicked neo-realists
ruined me completely!

Well, why don't you stop then?
What is this, an interview
or plain curiosity?

One or the other.
Really? Everything has a price.
How much will you pay?

Three hundred dollars.
Four hundred, five hundred.
If you want, even a thousand.

How long will this take?
One hour. Maybe two.
And where should it take place?
At the temple of Venus,
near the Colosseum.

But, isn't it late now?