La Decima vittima

I see you're crying, also.
Of course, I took two crying pills.
They last for at least 15 minutes.

You don't believe in what
you're saying, do you?

I have to believe in it.
I get 20% of the profits.

You should have seen what
happened at the inauguration.

Even the therapists checked it out.
The television, newspapers...

Those wicked neo-realists
ruined me completely!

Well, why don't you stop then?
What is this, an interview
or plain curiosity?

One or the other.
Really? Everything has a price.
How much will you pay?

Three hundred dollars.
Four hundred, five hundred.
If you want, even a thousand.

How long will this take?
One hour. Maybe two.
And where should it take place?
At the temple of Venus,
near the Colosseum.

But, isn't it late now?
No, we work all night.
We've got lots to do.

Isn't there an advance?
Oh, I see, you trust me.
Five hundred dollars.
Good. I'll get dressed right away
and we'll go to Rome. Okay?

She's making signals.
It would be ideal to kill her now.

If she's not your hunter,
that's 30 years in prison.

If she is my hunter, great!
If not, they'll take her for
a drowned sun worshipper.

It's worked before.
Then tell me why she hasn't
tried to kill you yet.

I don't know! But she's
the only one following me.

Why has no one else tried to kill me?
It could be tactics.