La Decima vittima

What are you doing with
your parents? I don't understand.

Why haven't you turned them
over to the State yet?

In Italy, we believe in the
patriarchal family system.

Almost nobody turns them
over to the State.

We keep them hidden.
We often fix them up...

To look like teenagers.
Like teenagers?

A son's love that intense is incredible!
You really love them this much?

No. It's the obligation
that bothers me.

If you're not a government agent,
you're my hunter.

Come on, make up your mind.
Come on...
...let's get it overwith.
Quickly, though.
Why on earth do you have to
dramatize everything?

Come on... why do you think
I would want to kill you?

I understand your situation.
The hunt, the wife, the money...

If you want to win, you must
be calmer... and more serene.

Don't get so agitated.
It's not good for you.

Would you like a little massage?
I'm good at this.

How did you solve the problem
with your parents?

I'm from Hoboken,
the fertilization center.

You're good at giving massages.
Are you ticklish?
You are very sexual, are you?
A real ball of fire.

How I envy you.
Shall we have this... this experience?
Lay down.
I can't feel a thing.
Count to 100, if you like.
I'm an iceberg.