La Decima vittima

Who are you?
He's here with you.

That's why he's hiding. Right?
There's no answer. He doesn't
tell me about the annulment.

Excuse me.
What do you want from me?

I've been waiting years
for this annulment, get it?

And now there's you.
You think you can change his life.

I'll kill you both!
There must be some mistake...
I spent millions for this story!

I was that young when it all started!
Not in my house, cool it.
Marcello sends his regards.
He just left.

It's not as simple an inquiry
as she wants you to believe.

I think she is planning
something weird.

I think it's a trap.
You'll soon find out yourself.
Be careful, though!

Wait for me here.
Be careful!
Excuse me, is this
the temple of Venus?

Yes, of course.
Thank you.

Did Caroline call?
She's coming. Keep him busy.