La Decima vittima

I think she is planning
something weird.

I think it's a trap.
You'll soon find out yourself.
Be careful, though!

Wait for me here.
Be careful!
Excuse me, is this
the temple of Venus?

Yes, of course.
Thank you.

Did Caroline call?
She's coming. Keep him busy.

Hey, one of your agents paid
me for an interview, but...

...we lost sight of each other and
haven't been able to find each other.

Can we interview without the girl?
Sorry, no. But Caroline
will be here any moment.

Martin, do you know anything?
Yes, I know she's coming,
and she's usually on time.

Well, since you're not ready,
I'll return the advance.

Oh, it's not important if the interview
doesn't happen now.

We're in no hurry, right, Cole?
Certainly. Tonight, tomorrow...

We're always here.
Would you like something to drink?

Yes, let's have a drink. Whisky?

Anyway, in case Miss Caroline
still needs me...

...she can find me at the Big Hunt Club.
Well, it's only a matter of minutes.

At the Big Hunt Club, at midnight.