Pierrot le fou

- You were crazy to do this.
- No, I'm in love.

It's the same thing.
I've decided never to fall in love again.
It's a disgusting habit!
Don't say that!
Don't say that!
Ten minutes ago, I saw death everywhere.
Now it's just the opposite:

Look at the sea, the waves, the sky...
Life may be sad,
but it's always beautiful!

Suddenly I feel free.
I can do what I want when I want!

Look! Left... right... Left... right...
Look at the crazy little man!
He's driving down a straight line
and he has to follow it all the way!

Yeah? Just watch this!
Chapter Eight
- A season in hell.
- Love needs to be reinvented.

Real life is something else.
Countless centuries fled
into the distance, like so many storms.

I held her close and I started to cry.
It was our first,
our only dream.
To the mysterious island,
like Captain Grant's children.

- And do what?
- Nothing. Just exist.

- It doesn't sound like much fun!
- That's life.

It's a good thing I don't like spinach,