Your Nen Style... seems
rather useful.

I haven't had this good of
a workout in a while.

After that, the two rapidly
became close friends.

Occasionally, Niiro would visit Kurihara's
mansion in Honjo-Koume.

Actually, I personally accompanied
him once or twice.

He laughed!
He laughed!

The son of Kurihara Einosuke...
Eiichiro, eh?

What a fine name it is!
A fine name, indeed!

Eiichiro... You're so lucky to have
such wonderful parents!

Sir Niiro, do you have
children yet?

Huh? I may not look like it,
but I'm very much blessed!

Pun: "Juu-ni:" Twelve. "Ni-Juu:" Twenty.
Twelve sons, twelve girls...

Pun: "Juu-ni:" Twelve. "Ni-Juu:" Twenty.
Pun: "Juu-ni:" Twelve. "Ni-Juu:" Twenty.
Twenty, in all!

Pun: "Juu-ni:" Twelve. "Ni-Juu:" Twenty.
Twenty, in all!
Surely you're joking!

Well, not only don't I have kids,
but I don't even have a wife.

I didn't realize...
I am sorry.

How about your parents?
Are they alive?

I did have a mother, but she left
this world five years ago.

I'm so sorry.
That old fool... I constantly gave her
a hard time when she was alive.

You see, I have no idea
who my father is.

He doesn't know his father?
He doesn't know his father?
Correct, sir.

By the way, Kojima...
How could such a fatherless fellow...
be a Bishuu ronin? Do you know?

Sir Hoshino... I do not mean to
be disrespectful to you, sir...

...but Niiro is not a spy
for the House of li.

That... I, Kojima Kaname,
personally attest!

If you can't determine the answer, then
we'll have someone else find out.