Ship of Fools

I told you no one would dance with me.
Elsa, dance with your father.
- Mama, please.
- Dance with your father.

When you go to a dance,
you first dance with your escort.

Now, I am your escort,
so you will first dance with me.

Then, when you're seen dancing,
someone else will invite you.

Besides, you haven't danced
with your papa since your last birthday.

Papa, please. I don't want to dance.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know anyone was here.

Don't be ashamed. What's the matter?
Come here. Sit down.
Sit down. Come here.
Tears are good.
You know what they say in Turkey?

They say tears wash the eyes
and one can see better.

At least I think they say it in Turkey.
Now tell us, what is the reason
for this great emotional outburst?

Why isn't a charming
young lady like you inside...

...enjoying the music and dancing?
Because no one wants to dance with me.
And I'm not charming.

You are telling me
you are not charming?

An expert who has been
to Istanbul, Hamburg and Paris?