Why did you let Major Jackson go?
He'll return with his 40 men
and he will kill us all.

Unfortunately, l know him too well.
What are you afraid of, old man?
You pay to be protected by him.

l pay so that l won't be killed like
those he deems inferior...

...because of their darker skins.
The sun, too, darkens the skin.
Yes, but Jackson and his men
don't want to admit that.

They have something like a religion.
Did you see the red caps they wear?
They are fanatics!

Sometimes, it's necessary to eliminate
the fanatics, the crazy ones...

...for the common good.
l know, but you can't do it alone.
l am not alone.
Leave. Take the girl with you
and go far away.

You worry too much, old man.
lt could ruin your health.

Quickly, before Jackson arrives.
Go! You could try to get to the swamp
and escape to the other side of it.

lt's better if you go back inside.
My plans have not changed.

lf he finds you here, he'll blame us, too!
He'll kill us.

There is nothing to be afraid of,
old man. l told you...

l am not alone.