You worry too much, old man.
lt could ruin your health.

Quickly, before Jackson arrives.
Go! You could try to get to the swamp
and escape to the other side of it.

lt's better if you go back inside.
My plans have not changed.

lf he finds you here, he'll blame us, too!
He'll kill us.

There is nothing to be afraid of,
old man. l told you...

l am not alone.
Nathaniel, if you'd go to the Mexicans,
maybe those two would be saved.

Great, but l wouldn't make it there alive
nor would l make it to the cemetery.

With all those hooded men gathering
there in town, l have to be honest...

...l am sorry, but l am forced to hope
they'll do him in right away.

He'll suffer less, and l will lose
less customers.