Are you Hugo's men?
lt's better to take them to the General.
He might want them alive.

Maria, escaping from us was
a dangerous thing to do.

l could punish you for what you did.
What would you say if l cut off
one of your beautiful ears?

You had no right to keep me prisoner!
l had the right that every man has with
all the women he likes!

You know, Hugo, you're talking just like
one of Jackson's racists.

You tart!
Listen Maria,
l don't take this from anyone.

Don't forget that you are half lncan
and half Mexican.

Don't let me remember
the one half l hate.

Look who's here.
The most clever Gringo
of the entire frontier.

Hombre! lt has been so long since
l last saw your dirty face!

This is Django.
A deserter, thief, loner,
and more than a friend!

Now we are even.
Calm down, Ricardo!
l owe Django a lot!
Just for having saved your life once
in prison. And also for the woman.

l brought her back to you, Hugo.
She is in good condition.
Take her back.

She is not my woman.
She is just one woman.

l'm thirsty. We have to
celebrate our meeting!

To your health, Django!
To the death of Jackson's pigs!

Long live the revolution!
To your death, Jackson!
Those pigs aren't here anymore.
He killed them all.