Hombre! lt has been so long since
l last saw your dirty face!

This is Django.
A deserter, thief, loner,
and more than a friend!

Now we are even.
Calm down, Ricardo!
l owe Django a lot!
Just for having saved your life once
in prison. And also for the woman.

l brought her back to you, Hugo.
She is in good condition.
Take her back.

She is not my woman.
She is just one woman.

l'm thirsty. We have to
celebrate our meeting!

To your health, Django!
To the death of Jackson's pigs!

Long live the revolution!
To your death, Jackson!
Those pigs aren't here anymore.
He killed them all.

You were able to kill
all those bastards yourself?

That's impossible!
How did you do that, Django?

lt wasn't very difficult.
lf you had been in my place,
you would have done the same.

Of course.
But my men are tired.
They would all want to go home.

But in Mexico the government
is waiting for us.

And we don't have enough weapons
to fight against them.

Of course.
But l could help you, Hugo.