Fantastic Voyage

- Hello, Grant.
- General Carter.

- Good to see you again.
- The Pentagon, wasn't it?

Come on.
Benes! What the devil happened?
The other side got to him.
- How bad off is he?
- Brain injury. He's in a coma.

Before or after what he wanted to say?
Before he could breathe a word. He's the only
scientist who knows what we're after.

That's why we have to operate.
And why we need you.

Me? I can't even
put a Band-Aid on my finger.

Here's the surgeon. Duval.
Dr Peter Duval. Top brain man in the country.
Ever hear of him?

- I'm rusty on surgeons. Who's the girl?
- Cora Peterson, his technical assistant.

- You'll be joining Duval and the others.
- What can I do? Except pass out.

Yes, Alan.
Meet Grant.
Dr Michaels, chief of the medical section.

- Glad to have you with us.
- I wish I knew why.

Tell him where he fits in.
I've got a fewthings to check out.

We need youfor security purposes, Mr Grant.
- At an operation?
- They know they failed to kill Benes.

Security thinks they'll try again. We're afraid
of sabotage: surgical assassination.

- Surgical assassination? You suspect...?
- Duval. That's right.

I don't agree. Just because he's difficult...
- He's impossible.
- It's no reason to suspect disloyalty.

There must be other doctors.
Duval's the most skilful brain surgeon
in the country - and he's right here at hand.

- I wouldn't know if he's trying to kill him.
- I'll be standing by. I would know.

You're to take orders only from Dr Michaels.

- Right, sir.
- Come along. They'll be operating shortly.

See you later, Mike.