Fantastic Voyage

- You'll be joining Duval and the others.
- What can I do? Except pass out.

Yes, Alan.
Meet Grant.
Dr Michaels, chief of the medical section.

- Glad to have you with us.
- I wish I knew why.

Tell him where he fits in.
I've got a fewthings to check out.

We need youfor security purposes, Mr Grant.
- At an operation?
- They know they failed to kill Benes.

Security thinks they'll try again. We're afraid
of sabotage: surgical assassination.

- Surgical assassination? You suspect...?
- Duval. That's right.

I don't agree. Just because he's difficult...
- He's impossible.
- It's no reason to suspect disloyalty.

There must be other doctors.
Duval's the most skilful brain surgeon
in the country - and he's right here at hand.

- I wouldn't know if he's trying to kill him.
- I'll be standing by. I would know.

You're to take orders only from Dr Michaels.

- Right, sir.
- Come along. They'll be operating shortly.

See you later, Mike.
His technician OK? In addition to the looks?
No question of her loyalty.
- I'll take that, Corporal.
- Yes, sir.

I don't mean to be inquisitive, but this CMDF.
For all I know, it could stand for Consolidated
Mobilisation of Delinquent Females.

Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces.
Say that again.
We can reduce anything down to any size.
People, ships, tanks, planes.

I've heard some wild ones, but this takes it.
We can shrink an army.
Put it in a bottle cap.

That's why we call it
Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces.

If the other side gets that...
They have.
But we both have the same problem:

lack of control.
They can only miniaturise things
for exactly 60 minutes.

After that everything starts growing
back to its original size.