Fantastic Voyage

His technician OK? In addition to the looks?
No question of her loyalty.
- I'll take that, Corporal.
- Yes, sir.

I don't mean to be inquisitive, but this CMDF.
For all I know, it could stand for Consolidated
Mobilisation of Delinquent Females.

Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces.
Say that again.
We can reduce anything down to any size.
People, ships, tanks, planes.

I've heard some wild ones, but this takes it.
We can shrink an army.
Put it in a bottle cap.

That's why we call it
Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces.

If the other side gets that...
They have.
But we both have the same problem:

lack of control.
They can only miniaturise things
for exactly 60 minutes.

After that everything starts growing
back to its original size.

- I assume Benes knows howto control it.
- Yes. He wanted us to have the secret.

- That's why they tried to kill him.
- They'll try again.

No wonder you want me to stand by
at the operation.

And take a little trip with him.
Trip? Where to?
The only way we can reach that clot
is from inside the brain.

So we'll put a surgical team
and crew into a submarine,

reduce it way down in size
and inject it into an artery.

- You mean I'm going along?
- As part of the crew, yes.

Wait a minute. They can't shrink me.
- We can shrink anything.
- I don't want to be miniaturised.

- It's just for an hour.
- Not even for a minute.

Sir, I really think you should reconsider.
I just don't think I'm right for this job.

Grant, you're going to a briefing.
Miss Peterson volunteered to come.
So did every male technician. A woman
has no place on a mission of this kind.