Fantastic Voyage

- I assume Benes knows howto control it.
- Yes. He wanted us to have the secret.

- That's why they tried to kill him.
- They'll try again.

No wonder you want me to stand by
at the operation.

And take a little trip with him.
Trip? Where to?
The only way we can reach that clot
is from inside the brain.

So we'll put a surgical team
and crew into a submarine,

reduce it way down in size
and inject it into an artery.

- You mean I'm going along?
- As part of the crew, yes.

Wait a minute. They can't shrink me.
- We can shrink anything.
- I don't want to be miniaturised.

- It's just for an hour.
- Not even for a minute.

Sir, I really think you should reconsider.
I just don't think I'm right for this job.

Grant, you're going to a briefing.
Miss Peterson volunteered to come.
So did every male technician. A woman
has no place on a mission of this kind.

- I insist on taking my technician.
- You'll take along who I assign.

Don't tell me who I'm going to work with -
not on this operation.

I'll do what I think is best
without interference!

Dr Duval has relied
on Miss Peterson for years.

And since she wants to come along,
I think it's for the best, Dr Reid.

Well, I disagree with you.
Since you're in charge, do as you please.
But I want it on record I'm against it.

Grant, Colonel Reid, operational commander.
You met our medical chief.

- Dr Duval, head surgeon.
- I've heard of you.

Miss Peterson, his assistant.
And Captain Bill Owens,
designer of an experimental submarine

for the Navy's research programme.
- Out of your element, Captain?
- Sort of.

- That makes two of us.
- Grant is uniquely suited to this mission.

He's a communications expert
and he was a frogman during the war.

Besides, he brought Benes into this country.
The fewer people who knowthat, the better.
You'll find Grant invaluable should anything
go wrong once you're underway.

OK, Don.