Fantastic Voyage

- Everything aboard?
- All squared away.

Dr Michaels.
- Yes?
- Here's your chart table right here.

All the maps and charts
are in sequence from left to right.

- And here's your checklist.
- Dr Duval and I will checkthe charts.

Fine. Mr Grant?
- This is your wireless station here.
- Good.

- Ocular motor nerve.
- I see.

- Need any help, skipper?
- Oh, yeah. We'll save some time.

Open this, would you? Set it down there.
- Where? On the deck here?
- Yeah, right there.

- That's radioactive material.
- It's atomic fuel.

- Is it all right to open it?
- Perfectly safe.

There's a microscopic
radioactive particle inside.

Nothing big enough
to be seen with the naked eye.

If it's no military secret, how can a sub
run on a microscopic particle?

They can't reduce nuclear fuel.
But once the reactor's been miniaturised,
a microscopic particle should put out
enough energy to activate it.

That's cutting it close for a perfect fit.
Well, it should work, theoretically.
If it doesn't, the whole mission's off.
You see, this craft is nuclear powered.
All except for your wireless.

All in all, quite a canoe.
Designed for piscatorial research:
spawning habits of deep-sea fish.

That reminds me,
I'd better spawn a radio message.

Test message from the Proteus, sir.
"Miss Peterson has smiled."

Well, that's an auspicious sign.
Confirm receiving.