Fantastic Voyage

There's a microscopic
radioactive particle inside.

Nothing big enough
to be seen with the naked eye.

If it's no military secret, how can a sub
run on a microscopic particle?

They can't reduce nuclear fuel.
But once the reactor's been miniaturised,
a microscopic particle should put out
enough energy to activate it.

That's cutting it close for a perfect fit.
Well, it should work, theoretically.
If it doesn't, the whole mission's off.
You see, this craft is nuclear powered.
All except for your wireless.

All in all, quite a canoe.
Designed for piscatorial research:
spawning habits of deep-sea fish.

That reminds me,
I'd better spawn a radio message.

Test message from the Proteus, sir.
"Miss Peterson has smiled."

Well, that's an auspicious sign.
Confirm receiving.

How will you be able to follow my charts
from up there?

There's no power on now,
but once there is...

May I have this chart, please?
You just place the chart here and it
will come through on that repeater.

- Repeater?
- Yeah, the devi...

Come on, I'll show you.
- There, that's it.
- Oh, yes.

It all seems quite simple to operate.
Actually, it is, although the controls
are highly sophisticated.

Look here.
There's a button and a switch for everything.
Bet you're pretty handy around the house.
Can you cook?
We're pushing oxygen today.
I'll have some laughing gas.
You're not looking forward to it?
It's not exactly a pleasure cruise.