Island of Terror

You see.
I have to make a closer examination.
Let's get it back to the village.

- I'll get something to carry it on.
- I'll wait here.

Hurry up, will you?
It's definitely Ian. I recognised
the appendectomy scar and birth mark.

My God.
What will I tell Mrs. Bellows?

I'll come with you and give her
a sedative. She'll need it.

Don't mention the condition
of the body.

Of course not. I understand.
In fact, I don't want
this mentioned to anyone.

They'll have to know soon enough.
Not until I find out
what we're dealing with.

What are you going to do?
First, I'll go and see Phillips,
I need expert help.

- This is quite beyond my knowledge.
- What if he won't help, or can't?

I'll take the emergency launch and
visit Brian Stanley in London.

That's our only contact with
the mainland in case we need help.

Don't worry,
I'll come back immediately.

Who is this Brian Stanley?
He's the most eminent
pathologist in Britain.

Whatever this disease is, it's
virulent and could be contagious.

We might fly back, so build
a signal fire on Moor Heights.

That'll be all for today, gentlemen.
I do hope some of what
I've been saying has penetrated.

From your last papers, I doubt if
you'll progress beyond first aid.

Good day.
- Oh, Dr. Stanley.
- Yes?

- This is Dr. Landers.
- Yes, I heard your telephone message.

- How do you do? Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.