Island of Terror

That's our only contact with
the mainland in case we need help.

Don't worry,
I'll come back immediately.

Who is this Brian Stanley?
He's the most eminent
pathologist in Britain.

Whatever this disease is, it's
virulent and could be contagious.

We might fly back, so build
a signal fire on Moor Heights.

That'll be all for today, gentlemen.
I do hope some of what
I've been saying has penetrated.

From your last papers, I doubt if
you'll progress beyond first aid.

Good day.
- Oh, Dr. Stanley.
- Yes?

- This is Dr. Landers.
- Yes, I heard your telephone message.

- How do you do? Won't you sit down?
- Thank you.

I practice on Peter's Island.
- Where's that?

- Off the East coast of Ireland.
- And what can I do for you?

Do you know of any disease
that could dissolve human bone?

No, I don't. Why?
We've discovered a body
without any trace of bone in it.

- No bone? Are you certain?
- Quite certain.

That's unbelievable!
- Have you heard this before?
- Nothing even remotely like it.

I was hoping you could help me.
- There was no trace of bone?
- None.

If that's true, it's beyond me.
It's true.
I performed a complete autopsy.

- Have you heard of David West?
- I think so.

He's the most qualified man
on bone disease I know.

Let's try the Medical Library first,
then we'll go and see David.

- If you think he'll help.
- If anyone can, he can.