Island of Terror

I practice on Peter's Island.
- Where's that?

- Off the East coast of Ireland.
- And what can I do for you?

Do you know of any disease
that could dissolve human bone?

No, I don't. Why?
We've discovered a body
without any trace of bone in it.

- No bone? Are you certain?
- Quite certain.

That's unbelievable!
- Have you heard this before?
- Nothing even remotely like it.

I was hoping you could help me.
- There was no trace of bone?
- None.

If that's true, it's beyond me.
It's true.
I performed a complete autopsy.

- Have you heard of David West?
- I think so.

He's the most qualified man
on bone disease I know.

Let's try the Medical Library first,
then we'll go and see David.

- If you think he'll help.
- If anyone can, he can.

I couldn't find your bathrobe.
I'm sure you don't find the female
anatomy shocking.

It's different from Harley St.
How's your dress?

The spot's out,
but it'll take some time to dry.

- Cured beautifully, don't you think?
- The credit isn't all mine.

- Excellent cognac, David.
- From an expert, that's a compliment.

You shouldn't believe everything
you read, they exaggerate.

Everything about you
is exaggerated.

You're too charming. To think
I had to break a leg to meet you.

And write off a very expensive

Not every girl goes to such lengths
to meet a man.

Besides, I'm sure it's going
to be worth it, isn't it?