Island of Terror

You couldn't tell,
it was in a cave.

Philips had no contact in the village.
It's not a contagious disease.

Whatever it was,
it must've started in this lab.

Bellows' body was found
not far away.

If it did start here, it might be
moving down towards the village.

Well, they were either fighting

or the death throes
were violent.

Why don't we study
Philips' notes?

- It could give us a lead.
- All right.

All right, hold on, I'm coming!
Come in, you're in time for tea.
John, I found one of my horses dead.
At least I think it's one of
my horses, it's all soft and flabby.

- Where did it happen?
- In my field.

I've got to tell Dr. Landers.
He's at Philips' place,
according to this note.

Then I'll take a look
at your horse.

- Don't mention this to anyone.
- Why not?

Don't ask foolish questions,
do as I say. Now, go on.