Island of Terror

All right, hold on, I'm coming!
Come in, you're in time for tea.
John, I found one of my horses dead.
At least I think it's one of
my horses, it's all soft and flabby.

- Where did it happen?
- In my field.

I've got to tell Dr. Landers.
He's at Philips' place,
according to this note.

Then I'll take a look
at your horse.

- Don't mention this to anyone.
- Why not?

Don't ask foolish questions,
do as I say. Now, go on.

I'll let you know everything
in a while.

You get started,
I'll tell Harris we're back.

Right. Meet us here,
we've a lot to read.

I'll be back shortly.
I could do with food and coffee.
It's been a hard day.