Island of Terror

- Come on, drink it.
- Oh, David...

Come on.
I want you to get some sleep
and this will do the trick.

I'm so scared.
I've never seen anyone die before.

Now, don't think about it.
We'll find an answer, we've got to.

- I never saw anything so horrible.
- Me neither.

Now, you just relax
and try and get some sleep.

- What's going to happen to us?
- Nothing, we'll be all right.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

- I'm sorry I ever brought you here.
- There's no reason to be sorry.

I wanted to come.
- David?
- Yes.

Are you really sorry I came?
- I won't let you down.
- I know you won't.

We'll get out of this somehow.
- How is she?
- I gave her a sedative.

Good. I could do
with a sedative myself.

What did you find out?
They're in chronological order.
The last one is a few days old.

What's the entry?
It's about Phillips' dog-getting
an overdose of radiation.

Anything else?