Island of Terror

- How is she?
- I gave her a sedative.

Good. I could do
with a sedative myself.

What did you find out?
They're in chronological order.
The last one is a few days old.

What's the entry?
It's about Phillips' dog-getting
an overdose of radiation.

Anything else?
They attempted to fuse the nucleus
but look at this protein structure:

It isn't adenosine triphosphate.
Where have you been?
I've come for my goods.

Sorry, Jonesy,
the store's closed today.

- Have you seen Dr. Landers?
- Not since 7 this morning.

He left in his car
with two men and a girl.

- Strangers.
- What strangers?

The ones that came in
on the plane, last night.

What plane? Where are they?
- Maybe they've over at the inn.
- Come on.

What about my goods?
If you check that
with 404, you see?