Island of Terror

Hello. Are you the folk
that are with Dr. Landers?

We've been working with him.
Who are you?

I'm Campbell, head of the island.
This is Argyle who runs the store.

I'm Dr. West
and this is Dr. Stanley.

How do you do?
And where's the Doc?
Dr. Landers?

I'm afraid Dr. Landers is dead.
Dr. Landers dead!
How did it happen?

Please sit down.
Now this is very difficult
to explain.

There are creatures loose here
and they're dangerous.

What do you mean?
What are they?

We're not sure, but we think they're
due to Dr. Philips' experiments.

What do you mean "creatures"?
I wish I could tell you more,
but we don't know what they are.

- Creatures?
- Doctor, this is a bit hard to take.

I assure you we're not mad.
Dr. Philips', created some kind
of living organism that kills.

- That's what happened to Dr. Landers?

We'll need your help
if this island is to survive.

- Survive?
- What do you want us to do?

First of all, I'll need
ten good men beside yourselves.

- I can find those for you all right.
- Good.

I want all the villagers together
in an hour.

That's short notice.
We can gather
in the meeting hall.

Right. I'll let you know
everything more fully then.

- We'd better tell the Constable.
- I'm sorry, you're late. He's dead.

- The Constable too?
- Yes, and Ian Bellows.

You know, we've had
reports of animals dying.

- It seems as if they had no bones.
- Where?