Island of Terror

There are about 64 silicates
on the island at this moment.

There'll be 128
by six o'clock this evening.

- 256 by midnight.
- What?

And if this continues, at the end
of the week, there'll be a million.

Please, I must have your attention!
The only way to stop them if all
else fails, is to deny them food.

We want you to move
into this building with supplies,

round up the cattle
and bring it here.

We must keep calm.
Fear and panic will defeat us
just as surely as the Silicates.

We need your help and co-operation.
We must work together.

Thank you.
Right. The following men meet me
in the room out the back there.

Er... Morton...
Er... Dunley...
- Are there any guns on the island?
- Plenty.

- And dynamite?
- I've got three cases.

We ought to make petrol bombs,
we don't know what'll work.

We'll send out three scouts:
Here, here and there.

Dunley, you and two others.
The rest of you gather up
the equipment and meet here.

You all know
the groups assigned to you.

Williams and Martindale,
round up the cattle

and bring them along
to William's field there,

by the village.
Right, let's get moving.
Can I rely on you to see
that everything's fine at the hall?

- Yes, of course, I think I can cope.
- Fine.

Now make sure all the supplies
are organised properly

and try and keep them
from panicking.

- I will. David...
- Hm?

- Take care.
- I'll do my best.

Don't worry, we'll be back,
whether we destroy them or not.

- How many can you count?
- About 25, as far as I can see.