Island of Terror

Let me explain what
we've discovered so far.

In order to understand
the nature of cancer,

Dr. Philips was trying
to create living cells.

Cells that he hoped
would attack the cancer.

He based this on the carbon atom
which is the basis of all life.

He didn't succeed.
But he probably created a form
of life based on the silicon atom.

Now these Silicates,
as we call them, eat animal bone,

human bone.
Dr. Philips' gave life
to some kind of organism,

something we know nothing about.
Their external skeletal structure
is tough and resilient.

We couldn't hurt it with an axe and
when run over, it was unharmed.

We haven't found
a way to destroy them yet,

but shall attack them
with everything we can.

From Dr. Philips' notes
and our own experience,

we calculate that these creatures
divide every six hours.

There are about 64 silicates
on the island at this moment.

There'll be 128
by six o'clock this evening.

- 256 by midnight.
- What?

And if this continues, at the end
of the week, there'll be a million.

Please, I must have your attention!
The only way to stop them if all
else fails, is to deny them food.

We want you to move
into this building with supplies,

round up the cattle
and bring it here.

We must keep calm.
Fear and panic will defeat us
just as surely as the Silicates.

We need your help and co-operation.
We must work together.

Thank you.
Right. The following men meet me
in the room out the back there.

Er... Morton...
Er... Dunley...
- Are there any guns on the island?
- Plenty.

- And dynamite?
- I've got three cases.

We ought to make petrol bombs,
we don't know what'll work.