Island of Terror

Several places.
In the northern part of the island.

- Has anything occurred in the centre?
- No, just north of the centre.

- We haven't time, they're moving.
- How many?

We'll explain at the hall,
we must finish these notes.

- We'll do as you say.
- Thank you.

- Now they tried experiment 1165...
- Yes.

And if you compare that with 1143,
the results were negative.

Quiet! Quiet, please!
Now, that's all we know
at the moment.

Your attention, please.
I'm Dr. West and this is Dr. Stanley.

We've completed going over
Dr. Philips' notes

and I must warn you that we're in
a dangerous situation. Dr. Stanley?

Let me explain what
we've discovered so far.

In order to understand
the nature of cancer,

Dr. Philips was trying
to create living cells.

Cells that he hoped
would attack the cancer.

He based this on the carbon atom
which is the basis of all life.

He didn't succeed.
But he probably created a form
of life based on the silicon atom.

Now these Silicates,
as we call them, eat animal bone,

human bone.
Dr. Philips' gave life
to some kind of organism,

something we know nothing about.
Their external skeletal structure
is tough and resilient.

We couldn't hurt it with an axe and
when run over, it was unharmed.

We haven't found
a way to destroy them yet,

but shall attack them
with everything we can.

From Dr. Philips' notes
and our own experience,

we calculate that these creatures
divide every six hours.