Le Grand restaurant

Give it to me, I'll show it to you. We all have
issues, but you have to serve...

...and smile...
Just like me.
Now Roger is going to show, how it should be done.
You're scared, but you have to serve.

Make a big smile, and go ahead.
I don't know, how it works.
I guess it's because of those rollers.
Step aside. Try it this way.
See ?

Now it's much better.
Stand here. Take that. Let's begin.
You've got issues, but you've to serve.
Still smiling, you go.
That's whole you, whole you.
Come here, Roger.
That was not my fault.
- Mete out his punishment.
- Only not that.

- Can I?.
- Go on, boldly.

Rewrite the menu.
20 times. Must be done 'til the evening. And I will..

...add 10 more for tomorrow.
With Gothic font.

Oh my God.
You're getting on my nerves with that "Oh my God".
Don't you like my methods ?

- In this situation...
- But these are modern methods.

Oh my God.
- Oh, mr Septime. I've been looking for you.
- Here I am.

- I was cleaning up the cellar, when...
- Repeat..

I was cleaning up the cellar, when
I found out that there's no more...

"Nuit Saint George", vintage 490.