Le Roi de coeur

And they have every intention
of blowing the whole thing sky-high.

The town and the bridge.
We don't know,
but sometime before midnight tomorrow.

Now, gentlemen,
that bridge must not go up.

l don't care what it costs,
but we must save it.

Any delay in our advance
at this point...

will throw the whole operation
off schedule.

We simply can't have that.
What do you suggest?
Well, sir, l'd suggest we send in
one of our ordinance chaps.

Time-fuse specialist,
trained infiltrator...

French-speaking, all that.
Who do we have who speaks French?
There's Plumpick, sir.
Ornitholography specialist,
communications platoon, born in France.

Would you ask him to volunteer?
Would you, Captain?
Now, what's the matter, Little Fat?
You look depressed or something.

Are you jealous of Cucumber, there?
Well, listen.
l'm gonna read you something now.

Let me find you something
nice to read.

Here We gO, nOW.
''Now, fair Hippolyta,
our nuptual hour draws on apace.

More happy days
bring in another moon.

But oh, methinks,
how slow this--''

- Aye, sir.
- Report to the Colonel.

Private Plumpick, sir!