Le Roi de coeur

There's Plumpick, sir.
Ornitholography specialist,
communications platoon, born in France.

Would you ask him to volunteer?
Would you, Captain?
Now, what's the matter, Little Fat?
You look depressed or something.

Are you jealous of Cucumber, there?
Well, listen.
l'm gonna read you something now.

Let me find you something
nice to read.

Here We gO, nOW.
''Now, fair Hippolyta,
our nuptual hour draws on apace.

More happy days
bring in another moon.

But oh, methinks,
how slow this--''

- Aye, sir.
- Report to the Colonel.

Private Plumpick, sir!
Private Charles Plumpick,
ornitholography specialist...

communications platoon,
headquarters company, reporting, sir.

- Splendid, Pumpernickel.
- Plumpick, sir.

Nickel, splendid.
Good of you to volunteer.

Brave lad.
Stand at ease.
l suppose you can read a map.
Your mission is quite simple.
Get into the town--

- You do speak French?
- Oui, sir.

Make contact with the local spies.
The town barber heads it.

Find the explosives
and disarm the fuse.

- lt shouldn't take you long, what?
- NO, sir. Yes, sir.

But l wonder, sir,
if you have the right Plumpick, sir.

YOu see, l'm an
ornitholography specialist, sir.

This calls for a specialist,

- Plumpick, sir.
- Nickel.

You seem to pick your name out of a hat.
How good is your French?

Quite good, sir.
But you see it's the explosives, sir.

l wonder if perhaps one
of the chaps from ordinance...