Made in U.S.A.

You don't see her often?
She lived too far away,
how can I see her everyday?

Only the lunch and dinner time,
as well as when drinking the afternoon tea

And also the time between
afternoon tea and dinner, or after the dinner.

We meet at cinema or theater.
As you know she lives in Levallois
but I live in Paris.

Fortunately it's Paris not France.
The visa makes her no trouble
when coming to see me.

Can't you go to see her?
Yes, I can, but only times
except dinner and afternoon tea.

You jerk.
How can a jerk speak French?
What are you doing at the street?
"I'm stuck in the mirror".
"It's so real, like an angle."
"It's different
from the so-called mirror image."

What's that?
An unaccomplished novel.
The title is "Unfinished Story"
"This actress"
"Is a girl with deep pupil,
just like bouquet."

"That Japanese girl suddenly
has a similar expression as I do."

"Maybe she is just
tired of conversations as I do."

"But what the girl says
is just normal words."

"It's nothing but silent around."
"I don't know what the day is."
"I can only tell other people
the feelings of this endless pain"