Made in U.S.A.

"I'm stuck in the mirror".
"It's so real, like an angle."
"It's different
from the so-called mirror image."

What's that?
An unaccomplished novel.
The title is "Unfinished Story"
"This actress"
"Is a girl with deep pupil,
just like bouquet."

"That Japanese girl suddenly
has a similar expression as I do."

"Maybe she is just
tired of conversations as I do."

"But what the girl says
is just normal words."

"It's nothing but silent around."
"I don't know what the day is."
"I can only tell other people
the feelings of this endless pain"

"Who will believe us?"
"Who will believe the world?"
"I love the girl who has gone."
"And I'm just a paint brush,
which colors the time."

"She keeps speaking."
"And I keep listening."
"That makes me feel like dreaming."
"The girl is like a gate
to an unknown world."

"The girl often wins victories
that can never be exceeded."

"Do you still remember
the song she chanted?"

I can't find a rhyme for my writing.
If Lewis Carroll brings you
to Alice's Wonderland

You may be able to find it.
I just can't. Would you help me?
OK. And I need your help, too.
Remember to keep silent to the police.