Made in U.S.A.

Don't be so discouraging. Cheer up!
Is that interesting?
That's interesting.
Hey, uncle.
Yes, sir.
Sir, next time
please call me bartender Paul.

I'm not that old.
May I ask for another one?
Right away.
Remember, I'm bartender Paul.
Not uncle.
Then how old are you? I'm 22.
Add a pair of twos on that.
Add 2 and 2 are 26.
She is wrong, bartender Paul.
Add 22. It's 44.
You are good at mental calculation,
and her French is excellent.

But she has made a funny mistake.
You are just 19. That's incredible.
The years between 22 and 35
are my favorite time.

I don't want to be 19.
Unfortunately there's no war.
If there was,
It's between 14 and 70 years old.

You must want to be a 40 years old man.
Since you are so good at calculation,
I got something to ask you.

That's OK.
Count how many things are there
in the bar.

In the bar?
The bar I mean is...
the rooms where...
all the guests...
... are together
and enjoying their drinks.

That's to say,
the rooms where I, bartender Paul,

... fill wines for guests.
A bar is a bar like,
And woman is a woman like.
Don't get it too complex.