Made in U.S.A.

She is wrong, bartender Paul.
Add 22. It's 44.
You are good at mental calculation,
and her French is excellent.

But she has made a funny mistake.
You are just 19. That's incredible.
The years between 22 and 35
are my favorite time.

I don't want to be 19.
Unfortunately there's no war.
If there was,
It's between 14 and 70 years old.

You must want to be a 40 years old man.
Since you are so good at calculation,
I got something to ask you.

That's OK.
Count how many things are there
in the bar.

In the bar?
The bar I mean is...
the rooms where...
all the guests...
... are together
and enjoying their drinks.

That's to say,
the rooms where I, bartender Paul,

... fill wines for guests.
A bar is a bar like,
And woman is a woman like.
Don't get it too complex.

Is that too difficult for you?
Come on;
count how many things are there.

A drinking glass
And many bottles,
and a bundle of rose

And some windows on my right
A door in front of me,
and another behind you

You see, even at the same time
Things are in different places.
Go on counting.
A bartender
Where is he?
Isn't he in face of me?
Is he? I don't see him.
Go on counting.
An ashtray
A serving tray
A coffee pot with three mouths
1 cigarette, 1 checked jacket.
Walls surround the bar.
A bed and a worker, and...
Don't know how to
get rid of this kind of boring Paula

You are talky.
You should not be born at this time.

What are you angering at?
Bartender Paul