Made in U.S.A.

Hello doctor.
Hello, who are you?
Paula Nelson
You may go to other doctors
if you need a special cure.

No, I just want to
ask you some questions.

Are you a journalist?
Who tell you that?
You come from Paris?
Yes. I want ask you that
Does Richard Po...
really die of heart paralysis?

Are you and him are sister and brother?
No. We are lovers;
we are engaged two year ago.

Two years ago...
Is that the time of Marseilles Event?

Answer my question first, please.
In my opinion,
there's nothing in this medical certificate

That makes me doubt.
Those Jews killed
in the concentration camp

Are all died of heart paralysis,
as they said.

Did you work with him
before going to Atlantic City?

Excuse me.
Widmark is a frequent visitor.
Be kind.

Why did you be a coroner?
That's because we have the fellowship
of playing tennis three times together a week.

I was the president
of the club that time.

Seeing him so boring
I asked him to play together with me.

He is so lonely.
A lonely man wouldn't die.
Don't you feel that
between loneliness and illness

There is some kind of relationship?
Don't treat me half-hearted any more.
I just want to know the truth.