Made in U.S.A.

Are all died of heart paralysis,
as they said.

Did you work with him
before going to Atlantic City?

Excuse me.
Widmark is a frequent visitor.
Be kind.

Why did you be a coroner?
That's because we have the fellowship
of playing tennis three times together a week.

I was the president
of the club that time.

Seeing him so boring
I asked him to play together with me.

He is so lonely.
A lonely man wouldn't die.
Don't you feel that
between loneliness and illness

There is some kind of relationship?
Don't treat me half-hearted any more.
I just want to know the truth.
Do you hate my words?
I have no idea.

You should learn something
from Charles Dickens.

Melville Hammott?
You have been the secretary of the mayor,
haven't you?

That mayor was assassinated
in the exploding of the gas station

Because he was a Commie.
The Communist Party was revolutionary
40 years ago. It is different now;.

Did you ever see...
... his family?
I'm his fiancée.
I can handle the revenge.

Do you have any grievance?
OK. No more nonsense.
Excuse me.