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Try to tell him that
the murder's name I considered...

... is the same as his.
Chapter 19 Comrades,
the age changes.

But there are full of lies everywhere.
Social authorities.
Those afraid of turbulence...
... always use patriotism
as the quillet.

The government only
talks about the patriotism.

Uses the nucleus threat
to instigate people.

Devolves our line of sight
form the practical social problems.

Chapter 47.
The right-wing soldier Dumouriez
likes dyslogistic foppishness...

as the cry up
of the people's courage...

... gives the simple sensation.
What happens
when invovled in such things?

Chapter 48.
Bounteous serching.
Release Frech politics
from the huge power.

While aiming this.
Why connive some people's crimes?
Faced such question.
Comrades, I can answer that.
The power begins to split.
that would be Armagnac
and the Burgundian barons.

And Danton? And Dumouriez?
The politics begins to swing.
this because of
the great elder's command.

Does the politics begin to swing?
Poeple are forced to buy expensive food.
Because of the taller elder's command.
The high price is consured
and his position was unstable.