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What happens
when invovled in such things?

Chapter 48.
Bounteous serching.
Release Frech politics
from the huge power.

While aiming this.
Why connive some people's crimes?
Faced such question.
Comrades, I can answer that.
The power begins to split.
that would be Armagnac
and the Burgundian barons.

And Danton? And Dumouriez?
The politics begins to swing.
this because of
the great elder's command.

Does the politics begin to swing?
Poeple are forced to buy expensive food.
Because of the taller elder's command.
The high price is consured
and his position was unstable.

Fluctuates when the comrades confuse.
Chapter 89
The essential cause of mistake...
... is the uncut relationship between
the so-called left-wing colleagues and the opponent.

So they begin to accept the "Communism".
Ask the comrades.
If there is no anti-American tendency,
there is no difference.

Those who resists like Lecanuet.
What is the so-called advancement?
Can it be considered
as the overthrow of the government?

Though the result is clear.
Though the new republic union.
Possesses the majority of the seat
in a legislature, the Communist still exists.

If the ministerial party
and the anti-communism right-wings.

The so-called advanced communists
to possess the majority
of the seat in a legislature.

The trust of the democratic government
will decline rapidly.