Paradise, Hawaiian Style

- What time do you have?
- 12.18.

Fine. I'll meet you at exactly
the same time, two years from today.

- Lehua, I got a proposition for you.
- The same one?

- We can help each other.
- We don't provide that service any more.

Just listen. Danny and I are starting
a helicopter line for the tourists.

- Hey, wait!
- We know Hawaii better than anyone.

We can take people places
nobody else can.

- You can line up passengers for us.
- Not me, honey. I've been that route.

When you take somebody for a ride,
it's a long trip.

- Chow time?
- I'm not giving up. Don't go away.

Two years ago
I got sent to the mainland.

- I tried to phone you.
- For your cards and letters, I thank you.

I'm not much for writing,
but I thought about you a lot.

I wish I could believe that.
If you go along with us, I'll prove it to you.
You're the only one who can help us.

You scratch my back,
and I'll scratch yours.

Make bigger circles.
Bigger, Rick.
Mr Kohana! Mr Kohana!
- We've got to get to the plane!
- What's the matter?

You've brought me
to the wrong convention.

- We're even on the wrong island!
- Wrong convention?

This is an SPCA convention.
The Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Alligators.

Quick, we've got to get out of here.
They're liable to lynch me.

I'm supposed
to be at the Hanalei Plantation.

- You said the Maui Sheraton.
- I'm a stranger. How should I know?

That's the reason I hired you. No, you.
OK, Mr Cubberson, let's go.
I know another girl at the Hanalei
Plantation. She can do us good.

- Spare me, you're wasting your time.
- Don't bet on it.