Beach Red

You're the only one
who understands Japanese.

This is the area.
Take the Gunny
and pick the rest yourself.

Now, let's get this clear.
We need prisoners,
but take no unnecessary risks.

Here's your coffee, Captain.
Wow. Damn, that's good.
Now, good luck to you.
And password is "Lucky,"
the countersign, "Darling."

Aye, Skipper.
Let's go, Gunny.

"Lucky darling."
Darling, you really
should read the comics.

They just kill me.
This one is really marvelous!
It's just too much!
Up you go!
Don't you like it?

Those were the good times.
Sometimes I think
I ought to wear more makeup.

Maybe you'd like me
to be all glamorous and jazzed up.

I'd ratherjust wash my face
and forget it.

Don't watch.
Don't watch me, darling.
It makes me laugh!
Please don't watch!
Darling! Darling!
Oh, my darling.
I love you so much.
You don't know.
Yes, I do.
What am I going to do?
What am I going to do
without you?

You have to report
in two weeks.

They've called up
your reserve unit.

In two weeks!
- Darling!
- Don't be like this, love.