In Cold Blood

They've bren taken to the funeral home.
Now, if you'll just look around
with Mr. Church here...

:34:07 see if anything is missing....
They never hurt anybody. Why them?
Al, you knew Clutter.
Did he have a safe?
Keep a lot of cash on hand?
The old Kansas myth.
Every farmer with a good spread
is supposed to have...

...a hidden black box somewhere
filled with money.

No. Herb paid everything by check.
Even a $2 haircut.

Well, then why...
...if they're going
to shoot them all anyway, why...

...did they first cut Clutter's throat?
Why did they first put him
on a soft mattress box?

To make him comfy?
And why the pillow under the boy's head?
We keep saying ''they.''
It could have been one man.

A madman.
This picture was taken
with a time exposure.

It shows only what the eye saw.
This picture was taken with a flashbulb.
That's a different pair of shoes.
We know there were at least two of them.
You won't see it there.
The flash made them stand out in the dust.

-You develop those pictures yourself?

-Newspaper boys seen this?
-Not yet.

Keep it that way.
Al, when can we see the Clutter home?
Why were the men killed in the basement?