In Cold Blood

To make him comfy?
And why the pillow under the boy's head?
We keep saying ''they.''
It could have been one man.

A madman.
This picture was taken
with a time exposure.

It shows only what the eye saw.
This picture was taken with a flashbulb.
That's a different pair of shoes.
We know there were at least two of them.
You won't see it there.
The flash made them stand out in the dust.

-You develop those pictures yourself?

-Newspaper boys seen this?
-Not yet.

Keep it that way.
Al, when can we see the Clutter home?
Why were the men killed in the basement?
I'll talk facts, not theories.
It happened around 2:00 a.m.
All four were apparently killed
by the same weapon.

Shotgun, 12-gauge.
Mr. Clutter's throat was cut.

Before he was shot?
All four were tied
with the same nylon sash-cord...

...sold in most hardware stores.
And their mouths were taped.
How were they tied? What kind of knots?
Can we see police pictures?
-Find the murder weapon?
-Not yet.

-Any clues or fingerprints?
-Lots. All belong to the family.

They say that Nancy's boyfriend
is a prime suspect.

-Is that what they say?
-He was the last one to see them alive.

-Except the killers.
-Then there were more than one?

-Were the women sexually molested?
-The coroner says not.

-Why didn't the dog bark?
-He didn't bark?

-Nobody heard him.
-Nobody heard the gunshots either.